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Dave Chen

Dave is a Principal and Chairman of Equilibrium. Dave leads the firm’s strategy and product development process. His primary duty is to insure the growth of the firm and team while continuing its culture and shared values. He serves on Equilibrium’s Board of Directors.

Dave’s passion and commitment to sustainability is a result of his work in venture capital, regional economic development and climate change policy. In 2007, Dave saw sustainability trends re-shaping major commodity sectors, creating an economic value shift and an opportunity for market advantage. He formed Equilibrium to be a global leader in sustainability-driven asset management for institutional investors that delivered both sustainable alpha and intentional positive impact on our community and environment.

Previously, Dave was a general partner at OVP Venture Partners (2000-2007). His investments at OVP include @once (acquired by InfoUSA), Ambric, Intelligent Results (acquired by First Data), Net6 (acquired by Citrix), Tzero and UXComm. He served on the board of @mobile prior to its acquisition by Software.com. Dave served on the board of HNC Software until it was merged with FICO in 2002 (NASDAQ:HNCS, now NYSE:FIC). Prior to OVP, Dave founded GeoTrust (acquired by VeriSign 2006) and The Ascent Group; was Vice President Marketing Mentor Graphics; was an associate at McKinsey & Company; and was an early team member at Solectron (1978-1985).