21st Century Communities Challenge



RapidSOS is an advanced emergency technology company. RapidSOS is developing technology to predict and preempt emergencies before they occur, dynamically warn people in harm’s way, and link data from any connected device directly to first responders in an emergency. Formed in 2012 and backed by some of the world’s top technologists, RapidSOS was named “2016 Start-Up of the Year” by the Consumer Technology Association, a Top Innovation of 2015 by MIT News, and Top 3 Innovative World Technologies by SXSW. Learn more at www.RapidSOS.com.


Rapport has been called the “operating system for sustainability.” Designed and priced specifically for small and mid-sized municipalities and businesses, Rapport helps organizations accurately measure their environmental footprint; identify opportunities to save money by reducing impact; and share data with customers, employees, and communities.


Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Focused on location analytics and big data science, Blyncsy helps its customers understand movement through various environments. Blyncsy's Movement Platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people by providing insights across data sets. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools. Movement. Data. Intelligence.


About 21st Century Communities Challenge 

Finalists of the 21st Century Communities Challenge contribute innovative technologies that can make communities safer, cleaner, more sustainable, or more connected. The desired results of adoption would include making local governments smarter, more transparent, accountable, effective and efficient.